Vegan options at Max burger 2021

The swedish burger chain Max is the second biggest burger chain in Sweden and they have quite a few green options organized in the “Green family” section on the menu; 9 lacto-vegetarian dishes and 4 dishes that are vegan by default. Here is the vegan list.

BBQ Plant Beef

Plant-based burger with barbeque sauce, sweet onion, eggless mayonnaise, pickles, iceberg lettuce, surrounded by a frisco bread.

Crispy No Chicken

A crispy vegan burger with sriracha ketchup, iceberg lettuce, yellow onion, sweet onion, cucumber, tomato, eggless mayonnaise, surrounded by a frisco bread.

Crispy nuggets

Crispy breaded soy nuggets served with chosen dipping sauce.

Crispy No Chicken Salad Bowl

With a base of mixed salad with lollo rosso, spinach, arugula, beetroot shoots, quinoa / bean mix, marinated cabbage, edamame beans, pickled red onion, avocado and crispy no chicken. Choose to have your salad with one of the vegan dressings.

Vegan dip sauces

When it comes to french fries (or soy nuggets) dipping becomes essential for a lot of people. Luckily Max have a few vegan dip sauces too:

Luxury vegan shakes, Dreamshakes and the apple pie

Luckily Max have 5 Luxury vegan shakes, 3 Dreamshakes (ordinary vegan shakes) and the apple pie is also vegan.

French fries, salads and other – the obvious vegan stuff on the menu

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