The 3 best falafel joints in Malmö 2021

Värnhems falafel

Freshly baked bread and falafel to die for. They also got the amazing Iraqi mango sauced called Amba, which is the only sauce you need. The place only got a few simple seats so takeaway is recommended. Often queue outside but it’s certainly worth it. Payment with swish when waiting is the fastest option.

Köpenhamns falafel

Their falafel is awesome and they actually got a few seatings in their small place, which is nice. They only got one vegan sauce, the strong one, but the falafel is so flavourful that the lack of sauces doesn’t bother. Their trick for the amazing falafel is that the owner himself brings original spices from Jordania. Freshly baked bread here also. Perfect.


Freshly baked bread and crispy falafel. Nothing goes wrong here either. They also got a lot of seatings that is pretty nice.

2 thoughts on “The 3 best falafel joints in Malmö 2021

  1. Where in Copenhagen is Köpenhamns falafel? Nah, joking – I googled the adress, but it would be nice with location info in the post.


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