Washington Post interview with Luis Elizondo, Former Director, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program – Are we alone?

My take on UAP, just guessing:

  • They are different species with different origin. 
  • They all have been here for millions of years. 
  • They are millions of years old. 
  • Since millions of years they have (every species) lived in a computer that is made of either digital or biological material. 
  • They communicate with each other. 
  • They are as natural here on earth as we and the other animals.
  • They or some of them might have started life here on earth from the beginning. 
  • The ”Tic Tac” is interested in our nuclear facilities since the beginning because with that technology we are able to wipe out ourself and maybe them as well.   
  • Some other species in the universe had gone extinct after they invented nuclear technology, and they know about it.  
  • If not sooner, they will communicate with us first when we are living in a computer as well. 
  • If they where what we call evil they would have exterminated us a long time ago. 
  • If they where evil they would probably never reached their evolutionary last point.
  • They are all at their evolutionary last point. 
  • Some of them might have looked similar to us millions of years ago. 
  • Some of them might come from outer space and some from another dimension. 
  • Some might come from outer space but travelled here by another dimension/wormhole.  
  • They are all as advanced as what we historically have called ”gods”. 
  • They are so much more developed than us so it will be difficult to communicate with each other. 
  • They see us as banal creatures but they also believe that we, just as they have, can reach the last step in our evolution.
  • They see us as too banal to communicate with right now. 
  • They probably have bases somewhere under the sea. 
  • They are established on a lot of other planets in the universe/other dimensions as well. 
  • Some of them might be time travelers from the future. Might even be us in the future.

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