The 3 best pizza places in Malmö for a vegan 2021

The Raw kitchen Malmö

If you decide to go here you should be prepared that it is – what their name also clearly shows – a raw place. Their pizza is in other words something different, but nevertheless really good and flavorful; even for someone like me that only eats raw occasionly. It’s fresh stuff and their cashew cheese, which they does not skimp on, is really awesome. Nice vibe and nice interior. I really recommend a visit.


They serve their pizza in slices NY-style which is really uncommon in Sweden. They also only have one vegan pizza at a time which changes every now and then, but never dissappointed me. Rather the opposite. Always really good stuff with interesting flavours. Two slices is probably enough to make most peoples stomachs satisfied but personally I like to spoil myself with three for maximal enjoyment. Nice vibe and nice interior à la 1920’s.

Far i Hatten

Like the other two places on the list Far i Hatten is also a really special place. Fresh ingredients, good quality cashew cheese and baked in a stone oven. They really do it right, and their app makes it convenient to order. The restaurant is a house located in Folkets park (Peoples park) which makes a visit feeling a little bit countrysideish, which together with the cosy interior and flavours create a wonderful experience.

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