The 4 best pizza places in Stockholm for a vegan 2021

La Piccola Nonna Pizza

Fully vegetarian place that also serve every pizza in a vegan version. The pizzas is Napoli-inspired style and the girls that makes them is real pizza nerds; which the taste clearly shows. Small but cosy place only opens weekends so far but will be open longer ahead. For a vegan foodie visiting Stockholm I sincerely recommend this place – you will not be disappointed.


Nice interior and some really good quality Napoli-inspired vegan pizzas in a separate section on the menu.

Omnipollos hatt

Maybe not the nicest place for someone who doesn’t drink beer, but their only vegan pizza on the menu with mumhammara and sun dried dates is truly amazing and make it worth at least one visit. They also got two vegetarian pizzas on the menu which they can make vegan.

Bistro Bananas

My old go to place in Stockholm before La Piccola Nonna Pizza and Pazzi existed and I wanted to sit in a place with nice interior close to home. Only open during the evenings on weekdays but opens 12PM on the weekends. Their Marinara is pretty nice, especially since I always add mushrooms to it. Since a few years they also serve cashew cheese.

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