Plenny Pot – effortless dinners for summer in the swedish countryside

I ordered 54x Plenny Pots for dinner this summer in the swedish countryside. It’s three different meals: Tikka masala, Creamy Cajun pasta and Korma. 6 pots in each packages which means I ordered 18 dinners of each meal.

I like them all three, especially with some soy sauce and chili flakes added. Since I think those pots is not sturdy enough I use the reusable plastic pot for Huel hot & savory instead.

This is what the pots looks like
Two boxes of 54x Plenny Pot
The reusable Huel hot & savory pot that I use

2 thoughts on “Plenny Pot – effortless dinners for summer in the swedish countryside

  1. When I first read about Plenny Pot, I noted the bulky packaging: it doesn’t feel sound to ship boxes filled with air.

    So it is interesting that you choose not to use the paper(?) pots. It sounds like Plenny could offer an alternative version, either in bulk á la Huels “Hot and savory” or more petite portion bags.


    1. That’s true I don’t use the plastic & paperpots (they are actually made of plastic but covered by paper). By using the reusable Huel pot instead I don’t have to dish the paperpots either, I can easily separate the paper from the plastic for recycling. They should definitly offer bulk or petite portion bags as an alternative. I would prefer petite portion bags together with a resuable cup made of stainless steel.


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